Master Key Experience Week 7 –Love Your Home

If you were building your dream house, how much time would you spend on it? Would you get each room dimension and figure out the size of your furniture pieces? Would you go to your local Home Depot to spend a couple of hours picking the colour & materials used to build your home?

With confidence, I believe everybody would say definitely yes to the above questions.

If you would spend so much time & effort in building your dream house.   Let me ask you a question to ponder.  How much time & effort do you spend in your 1) Mental House, 2) Physical Wellbeing House, 3) Emotional House, and 4) Spiritual House, 5) Conscience Mind House, 6) Sub-Conscience Mind House, 7) Personal House? 8) Business House?  9) Relationship House? and etc.

Or are you even aware that you have these houses? 

I am now starting to becoming self-aware of how I have been neglecting(ie. not being responsible) of ALL my houses and properties. The 2 properties which I was not aware of exists and need attention was my Mental House & Sub-Conscience Mind House.

Sub-Conscious Mind & Imagination: Few Tips | by Rajesh Vairapandian | Live  Your Life On Purpose | Medium

With the awareness of all these properties, I need to become a property manager of all of these 10+ houses. At first, it may seem to be daunting or impossible to manage.

I believe I have the ability to manage all of these properties. The Divine Being or the Higher Source has endowed all of us with many abilities and gifts & power. It stands to reason I can do all things & manage all things. I believe I have the power! I believe!

I Believe | Lori Thicke

Master Key Experience Week 5 & 6 – Tense Relax CatchUp

After Pressing the Reset button, it is taking a long while to let things go.  I still beat myself up for not getting things right or perfect. I have to keep reminding myself to “Let It Go”.

Just recently, I realize part of my “not letting go” challenge is because I have been trained to not let go.  To “let things go” & “not let things go” is both a good  & bad thing.

As I was starting off in school, it was tough & difficult. When I was doing homework or assignment, I didn’t score well and understand it well. I was told to do it over & over & over again until I get it right; otherwise, there was physical punishment. I still remember the long traumatic long hours of being forced to memorize my multiplication tables or Chinese poems.  

Now looking back, having the “not letting things go” attitude, has served me well in university to get A+, especially in Calculus, Linear Algebra, and higher order of mathematic.  In my math classes, several times I was totally confused and want to give up, but I didn’t. Thank goodness for me to have the “not letting things go” attitude! We call this attitude persistence.   This is one of my current winning formula to succeed in life!

Now at this point in the course, where I understand most people quit, my winning formula appears to me that it is not working.  In my past winning formula experiences, when I persist, I can see small micro smidge progress (ie. 3 steps forward, and 2 steps backwards). However, this time, I feel like a fraud on my readings causing me to have the experience of not want to continue.  Nevertheless, this may be by old blueprint which I need to quiet down.  

So for the past 2 or 3 weeks, I have been focusing on relaxing (ie. Law of Relaxation) & forgiving myself. How does that look like?

  1. Doing my sits & meditation, when I feel tense or unsure.
  2. Not making myself wrong for not scheduling, not completing, and not systemizing things.
  3. Have faith in the divine & myself that everything will work out.

There are a couple more things that I would like to share in this blog post. However, if I spent more time writing, I will be spending another 1 to 2 hours, which I can’t afford.  Sorry.

So, I’m requesting the divine & your prayers. Please pray for strength, calmest of mind, and faith that I will complete this program. 

Happy Smiling Sun - Sunny Face Clipart (#717561) - PinClipart

If you have read this entire blog posting, I would like to personally Thank You for your contribution to my life.  You are awesome!  Keep on smiling!!

Master Key Experience Week 4 – Press The Reset Button

The past week has been a challenging week. Why is it? Well, it is because I have not developed a consistent habit. I need to train my subconscious mind to create a good habit, for my conscious mind does not have enough brainpower.   Here are some of the things which I’m dealing with. 

  1. My DMP submission was late by a couple of hours. 
  2. My first chore (ie.service) was not done. (I’m beating myself for it.)
  3. My second chore (ie.service) was not done. Now, I realize the 1st & 2nd chore was too big to be to complete in a week.
  4. Missed a couple of reading out loud in the evening.
  5. Writing this blog is 3 days late.
  6. Missed reading a couple of days of reading the Masterkey
  7. Missed a couple of days of doing the sits.
  8. etc. etc. etc…

Given that I have started off a bad foot, this “bad” habit started to compound and snowball. I am tripping myself. I am not happy. I am beating myself up.

My inner voice is saying to myself that if I can’t do these simple tasks, what is the chance of doing big tasks?

If I don’t get my assignment & task up to date, what is the chance of me getting, finding, and discovering the Masterkey?

Furthermore, if the past weeks I got a lot of value from doing most of the exercises and my confidence started to rise, why on earth would I trip & mess up?

What is the point of continuing on?

At this point, I have the feeling to quit. A molasses of sadness, pity, and despair started to overtake me. 

Personally, I hate quitting. However, a quiet inner voice whisper saying “Despite all of the above issues, try again one more time.” So, when I went for the sit, reading again. My quiet inner voice volume is getting louder. It says to me

  1. Press the Reset Button
  2. Maybe what I’m experiencing & feeling is part of the journey (ie. this is normal).
  3. Go for another iteration. (For Innovation Comes From Iteration)

Innovation Comes From Iteration

So, I am declaring that I’m pressing the RESET BUTTON!

What does “Pressing the Reset Button” look like? When I close my eye and meditate, I notice the tension in my head, entire back, and shoulders are tense. This is about me

  • letting go of the head, back, and shoulder tension
  • letting go of the Worry that I wouldn’t finish the course
  • letting go of the Anger of my scatter mind conscious
  • letting go of things has to be perfect for me to get it.

I just need to have faith & trust in myself that everything is perfect and beleive that this is part of a the process.

Master Key Experience Week 3 – Consistency and Ritual (Habits)

When I start on a new task or go on a journey, I typically go at it with all my strength & all my might with vigor. I start things with strong intensity. However, after a while, that high energy would slowly dwindle down & slowly dissipate.  For many years, I thought that this was normal & okay. My attitude at that time was “I don’t care” because I thought that it doesn’t matter. I usually blame the cause of the issue to the task being boring, the work is too hard, or it is not easy enough. So giving it up was the easiest thing to do.  I just do anything that I feel like at that spur of the moment.

person with low energy and full energy Stock Vector Image & Art - Alamy

Well, there is nothing wrong with “do/quit whenever I want, when I feel like it”. Also, there is nothing wrong to start things with strong intensity and not finishing it. However, now being older with a little bit more experienced, I start to see things more clearly on this issue. So why does my energy dwindle after a start a task?   

Lack of Consistency & Not Having Good Habits!

No wonder why my energy would slowly dwindle down and not get finished.


For the past couple of months, I have been reflecting on my life experience. I started to revisit things I have read, study, or listen to. For example


If You Want to Change the World, Start Off by Making Your Bed – William McRaven, US Navy Admiral


Now, I start to see having good consistency habits are Super Ultra Uberly important. This is the first key & the most important key to my success. This is the key to open my conscious mind gatekeeper access to my sub-conscious mind. This is why Og Mandino (author of The Greatest Salesman In The World) profusely stresses this point in Scroll 1 (Click Here to Read the Scrolls).

What is my experience?

In my previous blog post, I mention that I was living a life with no structure. My life was scattered. My mind was scattered. My business life was scattered. (ie. running around like a chicken without a head).  My scattered thoughts & feeling was in control which resulted in me to lose a lot of confidence, be fearful of people & things, have an erratic sleeping habit, and frequent tension headache.  I felt I was in a constant state of high tension (ie. stress). My mind was in a fog or in a chasm of void. I was fearful. This resulted in my attitude & mood to be low. I was not motivated to do anything. Things were out of control because I have no consistency but just bad habits. Arrggghhh!!!!!

Now, for the past couple of 3 weeks, I have been doing the following on

  1. Reading The Greatest Salesman In The World – Scroll 1 in the moring, afternoon, evening
  2. Reading the Self Confidence Forumla out loud in the morning
  3. Reading my Chief Aim in Life in the moring, afternoon, evening
  4. In the morning, I sit down in silence with no movement for 15 minutes to calm down my mind
  5. Read Hannel’s Masterkey Lesson #1, #2, #3 in the morning

Afterward, I start seeing things clearly. My inner wisdom/intelligence emerge and pop up. My inner power & confidence bubbling up. This is amazing!

Thumbs Up Emoji (U+1F44D)
THUMBS-DOWN (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

With this newly emerging inner power, I started to be too cocky (ie. overly confident). At times, I skip reading “The Greatest Salesman In The World – Scroll 1” in the evening or reading my Chief Aim in Life in the evening.    This resulted in my next-day energy is being depleted. I feel like I was being the below picture throughout the day. (If you can’t figure out what is the picture, don’t ask me.)

Crap Poop GIF - Crap Poop Walking - Discover & Share GIFs

So for the people who had the patience to read up to this point, I implore you to establish a good morning, afternoon, and evening habit. Og Mandino said it best “only a [good] habit can subdue another [bad] habit.” Have yourself a morning ritual! Have yourself an afternoon ritual!  Have yourself an evening ritual!

By establishing your ritual, I pretty darn sure you will work in your top peek performance, you will win, and you will succed!


Master Key Experience Week 2 – Whole New World

One of the strengths which I have is, I am extremely smart. Being smart given me the ability to reason, be analytical, and think through almost any situation. It has also blessed me with learning & comprehension abilities quickly & ease. (BTW, my colour code is White).  I can even answer “Why manhole covers are round?” (If you want to know the answer, Click Here to watch a short video)  

I know I'm Smart - Thinking black guy | Meme Generator

In the past years, I have learned a lot about the operation of the mind. I have gone through a lot of courses, books, and CDs on this subject. (ie. The Secret, Think & Grow Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and etc.). My brain is filled with a lot of knowledge, facts, and technique which has resulted in me being in a state of paralysis.  Now, I am overly complicated. Why is that? I am way too smart, resulting in me constantly second-guessing myself. 

Given that I realize that “I’m too smart for my own good”. I try to find a solution to dumb myself down, which doesn’t work (ie. be more simplistic). Why? I’m too smart to be dumb. I’m trapped in a vicious circle.  Argghhh!!!!

Dianne Mitchell on Twitter: "Arrggghhhh how do you get footnotes not to  spill over onto a new page in Word? How do you get them to appear on the  same page as

This week, Haanel’s Lesson 2(Click Here to listen to the lesson) & this week’s exercise has totally blown my mind!!!   Upon understanding Lesson 2, I start to see all of the courses, books, and CDs which I have done were jigsaw puzzle pieces to the ultimate picture which I didn’t know how to put it together, until now(Actually, it was even worst, I didn’t even realize that it needs to be put together.)

Zoom, CNBC and Jigsaw Puzzles: How America's Shut-In Families Are Spending  Their Days - WSJ

Knowing what I know from these courses, books, and CDs is great to know, but I was getting extremely tired trying to remember them and using it.  For these things lives in the domain of “doing” and the conscious mind.  I have been living totally in the conscience mind and not utilizing the sub-conscience mind (ie. the ultimate power). 

subconscious iceberg | ... ”, “conscious mind”, “subconscious” and  “unconscious | Subconscious mind power, Mind power, Subconscious mind

For my effortless transformation, now I understand and get the importance of habit, affirmation, and auto-suggestion principle.  To program my sub-conscience mind, I will execute the following daily simple actions.

  1. Read each Scroll 3 times a day for 30 day
  2. Do the 15 minute Sit
  3. Read my DMP 3 times Out Loud with GUSTO
  4. Read the Masterkey Lesson

Upon executing the above tasks for the past couple of days, I have noticed a shift.   My TV time watching has dramatically dropped.  I have walk 10,000 steps per day.  I am waking up with more energy.

My inner world is shifting I can FEEL it!

WOW!!!   Amazing!!   A Whole New World!!

Master Key Experience Week 1 – In the beginning!

Today, I’m on a journey to self-mastery of me! I declare this will be a new path & a new journey for me to take on. It is a new discipline that I see is the key to my success. For I have been foolish and running like a chicken without a head doing things here and there, not being focus. Please note that running around like a chicken without a head has provided me some value and a certain amount of success. However, now, I have come to a point where this way of being has bankrupted me.

Now, I’m on a self-discovery journey, a journey of self-mastery, where I’m battling the biggest enemy of my entire life (i.e. Self). My childish inner being is the dragon which I need to be tamed. At first, I was thinking that I need to kill my dragon (i.e. Slay it.) Upon reflection, I realize that I need not kill it but, tame it. That dragon, which I now dislike, have has provided me some strength & value. I should be thankful for it and recognize its contribution to me.

This way of thinking came from “The Story of the Two Wolves” part 2. For the people who have or have not heard of the “Story of the Two Wolves”, I would totally recommend you to hear the 2nd part of the story.

By listening to this story, this has help me to fully understand the statement “what you resist persist”. So, if when I fight with my dragon, ignore my dragon, and hate my dragon, my dragon will further stay with me.

In my new life, I will put childish things behind me. I will put away those quick irrational thoughts & feelings. Now, I will focus on discovering my true superhero thought & gifts to contribute & empower this amazing world. Here world watch me & lookout for me.

Introduce Yourself (Example Post)

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