Master Key Experience Week 1 – In the beginning!

Today, I’m on a journey to self-mastery of me! I declare this will be a new path & a new journey for me to take on. It is a new discipline that I see is the key to my success. For I have been foolish and running like a chicken without a head doing things here and there, not being focus. Please note that running around like a chicken without a head has provided me some value and a certain amount of success. However, now, I have come to a point where this way of being has bankrupted me.

Now, I’m on a self-discovery journey, a journey of self-mastery, where I’m battling the biggest enemy of my entire life (i.e. Self). My childish inner being is the dragon which I need to be tamed. At first, I was thinking that I need to kill my dragon (i.e. Slay it.) Upon reflection, I realize that I need not kill it but, tame it. That dragon, which I now dislike, have has provided me some strength & value. I should be thankful for it and recognize its contribution to me.

This way of thinking came from “The Story of the Two Wolves” part 2. For the people who have or have not heard of the “Story of the Two Wolves”, I would totally recommend you to hear the 2nd part of the story.

By listening to this story, this has help me to fully understand the statement “what you resist persist”. So, if when I fight with my dragon, ignore my dragon, and hate my dragon, my dragon will further stay with me.

In my new life, I will put childish things behind me. I will put away those quick irrational thoughts & feelings. Now, I will focus on discovering my true superhero thought & gifts to contribute & empower this amazing world. Here world watch me & lookout for me.

31 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 1 – In the beginning!

  1. Wow, Ched thank you – beautifully expressed, I learned from you – I love the way you describe The Master Key Experience; I had not seen the video either. Keep up the great work, shine your light it lights the way for others. #NothingLikeIt

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  2. Love this! In coaching we also encourage the client to find a way to put the Gremins aside, not necessarily annihilate them altogether. They’ve helped us in the past and kept us safe! We find a way to put them aside and know they’re always there if we need them again in the future! Brilliant post! Love it! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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  3. Great post Ched! And the happily story that accompanies it so on key. Recognizing the parts of you, or acknowledging there are parts of you that are holding you back is the beginning of a great journey.

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  4. I enjoyed reading your blog Chad. Awesome video. i thought it was filled with alot of wisdom and self awareness that was beautifully explained. Yes we all have those dragons that we must subdue. Good luck on your journey. I’ll see you at the mountaintop😊


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