Master Key Experience Week 4 – Press The Reset Button

The past week has been a challenging week. Why is it? Well, it is because I have not developed a consistent habit. I need to train my subconscious mind to create a good habit, for my conscious mind does not have enough brainpower.   Here are some of the things which I’m dealing with. 

  1. My DMP submission was late by a couple of hours. 
  2. My first chore (ie.service) was not done. (I’m beating myself for it.)
  3. My second chore (ie.service) was not done. Now, I realize the 1st & 2nd chore was too big to be to complete in a week.
  4. Missed a couple of reading out loud in the evening.
  5. Writing this blog is 3 days late.
  6. Missed reading a couple of days of reading the Masterkey
  7. Missed a couple of days of doing the sits.
  8. etc. etc. etc…

Given that I have started off a bad foot, this “bad” habit started to compound and snowball. I am tripping myself. I am not happy. I am beating myself up.

My inner voice is saying to myself that if I can’t do these simple tasks, what is the chance of doing big tasks?

If I don’t get my assignment & task up to date, what is the chance of me getting, finding, and discovering the Masterkey?

Furthermore, if the past weeks I got a lot of value from doing most of the exercises and my confidence started to rise, why on earth would I trip & mess up?

What is the point of continuing on?

At this point, I have the feeling to quit. A molasses of sadness, pity, and despair started to overtake me. 

Personally, I hate quitting. However, a quiet inner voice whisper saying “Despite all of the above issues, try again one more time.” So, when I went for the sit, reading again. My quiet inner voice volume is getting louder. It says to me

  1. Press the Reset Button
  2. Maybe what I’m experiencing & feeling is part of the journey (ie. this is normal).
  3. Go for another iteration. (For Innovation Comes From Iteration)

Innovation Comes From Iteration

So, I am declaring that I’m pressing the RESET BUTTON!

What does “Pressing the Reset Button” look like? When I close my eye and meditate, I notice the tension in my head, entire back, and shoulders are tense. This is about me

  • letting go of the head, back, and shoulder tension
  • letting go of the Worry that I wouldn’t finish the course
  • letting go of the Anger of my scatter mind conscious
  • letting go of things has to be perfect for me to get it.

I just need to have faith & trust in myself that everything is perfect and beleive that this is part of a the process.

6 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 4 – Press The Reset Button

  1. Ched, I am so glad that you have decided to reset. I also want to share with you that you are not alone. I have not achieved my 100% yet. But I know that I will, and so will you. I always ask myself, “by beating up myself, does that action / thought contribute to my goals?” The answer is obvious. Keep at keeping at it! You’ve got this!


  2. I hear you! That old blueprint screaming for attention and resisting change has no power over the decision to change it up. Oh there are all sorts of obstacles – all part of the cement. But nothing can squelch a good habit anymore than the darkness can put out the light of a single candle. Happy trails of this amazing journey!


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