Master Key Experience Week 7 –Love Your Home

If you were building your dream house, how much time would you spend on it? Would you get each room dimension and figure out the size of your furniture pieces? Would you go to your local Home Depot to spend a couple of hours picking the colour & materials used to build your home?

With confidence, I believe everybody would say definitely yes to the above questions.

If you would spend so much time & effort in building your dream house.   Let me ask you a question to ponder.  How much time & effort do you spend in your 1) Mental House, 2) Physical Wellbeing House, 3) Emotional House, and 4) Spiritual House, 5) Conscience Mind House, 6) Sub-Conscience Mind House, 7) Personal House? 8) Business House?  9) Relationship House? and etc.

Or are you even aware that you have these houses? 

I am now starting to becoming self-aware of how I have been neglecting(ie. not being responsible) of ALL my houses and properties. The 2 properties which I was not aware of exists and need attention was my Mental House & Sub-Conscience Mind House.

Sub-Conscious Mind & Imagination: Few Tips | by Rajesh Vairapandian | Live  Your Life On Purpose | Medium

With the awareness of all these properties, I need to become a property manager of all of these 10+ houses. At first, it may seem to be daunting or impossible to manage.

I believe I have the ability to manage all of these properties. The Divine Being or the Higher Source has endowed all of us with many abilities and gifts & power. It stands to reason I can do all things & manage all things. I believe I have the power! I believe!

I Believe | Lori Thicke

11 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 7 –Love Your Home

  1. Never neglect your dreams. And never regret putting them on hold. Awareness increases at its own pace, and by giving it a bit of attention here and there you will be effortlessly directed to the “next step”. All the Best.


  2. Ched, your blog was very inspiring and it made me also think about my various houses in my life. Each of my houses are so important in order for change to continually happen for me. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of each house and for sharing your thoughts. I also enjoyed your added pictures which made what you said more visual. Your Blog Rover Friend, Eulaine


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